Case Study

Advanced Engine Assembly Area

“It is a challenging job to get one vendor who can ensure it and add value to it in
India today. For our engine built area team Transforming Work-floors did precisely

Mr. Atul Wadgaonkar
In charge of a section in engine research centre
for a reputed Indian Automobile manufacturer.


When it comes to investing on work-floors – even if management approves – it is a
challenging job to get one vendor who can ensure it and add value to it in India
today. Same was the challenge when this hunt for adequate supplier began for our
own engine assembly area.
We were to come up with a C shaped cells – 13 of them – where engines of different
4 wheeler will be assembled. We needed the facility to be state of art as it was not
only our first step with business excellence module but also the same facility was
supposed to be visited by our guests in coming future.
While designing industrial furniture it is surprising that no one really thinks about the
impact load. A workstation for example, if is exposed to a load of 500 Kgs, never gets
designed with consideration of impact load. When engine parts of 100-200 kg loaded
on these stations with cranes the impact of it would need these stations to be
bearing that impact load.
When we got shop-floor designers on board and same concern was extended, we
were given an astonishing range of bearing 10-15 tons of load. Even though there
wont be instances wherein that much of load would be loaded on the top, this
certainly covered our requisite of impact load. With combination of surfaces of
multiple layers of beach wood glued and pressed together and on cover the rubber
of 1.2 and 1.5 mm thickness coated on electrogalvanized steel sheet as a workstation
tops this gave exactly what we were looking forward for – A robust and yet
aesthetically aced work-floor.