Case Study

Coordination of World-class Engine test Center

“For us, 14 engineering engine test laboratories needed a uniformity of the products.
Quality and durability could be assured by many but the way Transforming
workfloors team ensured the uniformity was impeccable!”

Mr. Shammi Diwan
Coordinated equipping 14 engineering engine test laboratories
for a leading engine manufacturer.


Call was clear from the management. We were to import all the industrial furniture
required for 18 of our laboratories. And the task was to bring everything at once in a
single lot, have it distributed to respective laboratory owners. Make sure everyone
gets what they have asked for. It’s funny how humongous tasks can be summed up in
2-3 sentences. From day 1, the work-floor designer team was on board. Be it
receiving containers from Mumbai at midnight or unloading them at the idle place till
the time our actual center gets ready. From shifting all at once from idle location to
the facility, or internal shifting as per the readiness of the consignments in lots. Over
a period of 2 years – which was conceived to equip everything, I am happy that not
even a single bolt went missing. Such was the precise expected by my organization
and exactly what they delivered.

One might not get the logic behind importing – and hence adding on the cost part –
but when we look at our installation now, one can not say the same material was
stored at the idle condition for almost a year. Everything is up to the mark.