Case Study

India’s first of its kind prototype development center

“Having a vendor with a great sense of ownership towards your own project, who is
empowered with products from different segments within the work-floor is priceless.
Twapp team became exactly that for us..”

Mr. Chandrashekhar Wangate
Presently heads engineering innovations
for the first of its kind prototype center in our country.

It was my job to assist my vice-president giving ranges of machines and comparing
technicalities for our upcoming prototype work-floor. This was supposed to be one of
its kind project in our Country wherein best probable facility was to be equipped for
prototype engineering.
While we were at it, we could generate the list of competitive machines desired by
my management with in-depth technicalities and comparisons, thanks to of course
the internet and literacy in the market regarding the subject matter. Concerns were
raised when we were to find consolidating solutions for material handling and
Yes there are prominent players in the market who endorse high rise racking but
where are the ones with a considerable range of work-floor equipment? The
question bothered us a lot at that time. Having a vendor with a great sense of
ownership towards your own project, who is empowered with products from
different segments within the work-floor is priceless.
When we started the drive, we only had papers and drawings. The project was
greenfield, something which was going to be unique, there was and still is nothing to
match the facility in our Country. We needed a vendor with vision and more
importantly a trustworthy partner who believes in our vision. The list of machines
when shared, work-floor design team sat with us designing Tool Storage Cabinets. It
may appear a box to ones who don’t get into it, but it really was a tedious job to
settle on one from 1000’s of options available. We needed TSCs with real-life
industrial capacity. 200 Kg per drawer, with 100% extraction, 5 Years warranty and
nothing less. And we got them exactly what we wished for.
For heavy duty storage we needed all side closed, a dustproof solution where we can
keep our dies and molds weighing 1000 Kg. And above all, we needed a telescopic
arrangement wherein the levels can be pulled out and material can be picked by EOT
overhead. This would have enabled us to store one above the other reducing the
footprint of our storage. And no matter how difficult it seems to get, we had a partner who made it possible for us.

The system we have – 4 modules of it – have 5
levels each, with 1-ton load bearings, telescopic arrangement, sliding doors with lock
and key, all side covers and above all, this rigid system compliments our rest of the
machines. ‘Aesthetics and Sturdiness’ a rare combination got served!

Case with Assembly, workstations was very much the same. We needed a
workstation with 100% utilisation of space under the worktop. We needed worktop
which can bear the load of 3000 Kgs considering the impact load when the material is
placed on it. We needed rubber COAT, not cover. The coat which is pasted on metal
and this combination on 50 mm thick industrial wood. With no compromise on any
of it, over the top of it we needed best in the business quality.
Prototype the centre was supposed to have so many clients visiting and we already
had best in business machines lined up for the delivery which would impress them,
we obviously wouldn’t have compromised with the quality of work-floor equipment.
While the rest of our work-floor equipment needed to be in our standard company
colour with par excellent powder coating quality, with metrology lab the colour
theme was even settler. We needed those with same quality in light grey colour. We
were suspicious if this customization with colour would hamper the quality, but we
are more than happy how it turned out to be.
All in all the facility outstands today not only because of best in class machines we
have but also the work-floor equipment which compliments them.

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