Case Study

Industrial Furniture for tech center

“The depth of technicalities provided to us was by the work-floor design team was very ensuring and concrete. They justified precisely why the particular product was shortlisted.”

Ms. Pradnya B.
Heads design team of renowned architecture firm
for the development of the tech-center of the leading manufacturing giant.

While working for a top-notch architecture firm, remaining catalysts between end-user and vendors remain one of the most tedious tasks we undergo every day. Our obvious inclination remains towards the ones who have techno commercially sound team and have a respectable product cadre. For one of the recent and most prestigious cases – while the development of the Technical Centre of leading manufacturer – we had a task of equipping a decent vendor for INDUSTRIAL FURNITURE.

Being architect and that too for the kind of repute we have it was expected from us to introduce world-class product range with in-depth technicalities for the industrial furniture desired by our client. Industrial Furniture is a rare segment with relatively lesser awareness. With the work-floor designer team and the knowledge transfer sessions we had, our design team was not only introduced to it but by the end of these sessions had almost everything needed while choosing from the humongous range they have to offer. The depth of technicalities provided to us was very ensuring and concrete which justified precisely why the particular product was shortlisted.
The detailed applicative analysis put ahead by them frankly made our job very easy. As we look at that project today as an architectural milestone for us, we know it was good to have decent partners working with us.

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