Case Study

Setting up India’s most advanced Metrology Laboratory!

With all the machines and equipment shortlisted, placement almost frozen work of
setting up world class hi-tech metrology lab was almost done. We had one issue
though. Machine placements were not absolutely clear and hence area to be
assigned around it could not be finalized.
We were given a task to create ‘virtual clusters’ around machines which could
demark the areas around the machines. An operator was required to understand the
area he is to operate within. This demarcation could not be anywhere else but on
floor and it was also needed to be assured that the slipping is avoided. So many
times, it happens that machines get placed and there is no space left for its
maintenance. And when it is down for it, entire work flow gets affected. Apart from
all above, biggest hitch was, as the locations were not frozen any thing we were
thinking was needed to be flexible to move as and when required in future.
Google definitely is a powerful generic search engine but for the problem and
prerequisites we had for our unique requirement, we needed an expert on board.
We conveyed all to the work-floor designers. At that time, we were introduced to the
options of “Industrial Matts”.
Made from low pressure polyethylene, Matts introduced to us ensured insulation
against thermal and electrical influences and resistance to oils, solvents, alkaline
solutions, and acids. The special pattern on the surface allows to have maximum
adherence, even in the wet conditions.
How this anti-fatigue floor matting works was quite simple. The cushion or flex of the
mat stimulates minute, undetectable muscle movement in the legs and calf muscles
as the body continuously adjusts to remain stable. This in turn increases blood flow
to-and-from the area, and the improved circulation reduces the pain and discomfort.
Floor matting also provides insulation and relief from cold/damp floors, another
cause of accelerated fatigue.

All above was bonus for us as we had entirely different sets of requirement in mind,
but thanks to these shop-floor designers, we could not only get exactly what we
wanted, but more than that.