Industrial Cabinet comprises of

1. Cabinet of dimensions 717x750x1450 mm h.

2. load-bearing capacity – 3000 Kg

3. 5 Drawer arrangement is considered as follows

i.2 Numbers with front height of 75 mm, inner dimensions as 600x600x61 h and load bearing capacity of 80 Kg with 87% extraction
ii.3 Numbers with front height of 150 mm, inner dimensions as 600x600x136 h and load bearing capacity of 200 Kg with 100% extraction

4. Proposed with front opening two leaf doors arrangement with independent lock and key for additional storage within.


Features of drawer

  • Hidden type of industrial sliders
  • Self-lubricating bearings with zero maintenance
  • The meshed base for placement of special partitions
  • Side slots from all 4 sides for detachable partitions
  • If the proposed unit has more than one drawer, at a time only one drawer can be opened

Partitioning arrangement for drawer

  • Foam based customized partitioning
  • Plastic Partitioning
  • Plastic mini Container Partitioning
  • Detachable Type metal Partitioning
  • Tool Holder partitioning

Available Colors

  • Dark Grey Ral 7000
  • Industrial Green Ral 6011
  • Industrial Blue Ral 5012
  • Light Grey Ral 7035

Base matting to the drawer is available in following types

  • White sheet
  • Rubber foam sheet
  • Rubber sheet
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