1. Container specially Designed for recovering and storing oil cans

2. Overall Dimensions 717X750X 1600 h mm

3. Considered with

i. 2 full-extension shelves with load bearing capacity of 200Kg each
ii. 4 plastic cans holding 25 liters,
iii. 5 plastic cans holding 10 liters,
iv. 1 height adjustable shelf with load bearing capacity of 150Kg and 618 mm deep,
v. 1 plastic drip tray holding 10 liters,
vi. 1 safety tank for oil holding 77 liters,
vii. 2 plugs for tank.

4. total useful capacity of cabinet: 150 liters

5. capacity of safety tank for oil: 77 liters

6. The liquid collection tanks are designed to be watertight and resistant to corrosion in both the galvanized and the painted versions.

7. Available in different configurations with telescopic extension shelves with 200 kg capacity

8. Considered with lock and Key arrangement for adjustable shelves


Available Colors

  • Dark Grey Ral 7000
  • Industrial Green Ral 6011
  • Industrial Blue Ral 5012
  • Light Grey Ral 7035

Features of hinged doors

  • Hinged doors are made of sturdy, specially shaped steel sheet, with a footprint depth of 25 mm.
  • The 3-point closure ensures high security against break-ins.
  • Available with cylinder locks with two keys.

Feature of Oil Recovery Tank

  • The collection tank is made of galvanized sheet steel with a 10/10 thickness and is watertight.
  • It is used to collect any dripping at the end of oil drawing or in case of can breaks.
  • It runs on “L” shaped guides fixed to the uprights on the sides of the cabinet.

Features of External Oil Tank

  • The external oil safety tank has a capacity of 77 liters and it is watertight.
  • It raises the cabinet off the floor by 150 mm and is the most complete, safest solution in case of oil can break and multiple oil leaks.

Features of the Horizontal Shelves for storage

  • Manufactured out of Steel sheet
  • Total height 60 mm adjustable in height in pitch of 25 mm
  • Load-bearing capacity of 150 kg

Features of the Horizontal retractable type of Shelves for storage

  • Load bearing capacity of 200 kg
  • with an internal galvanized steel sheet surface
  • with a drain to preserve the painted bottom
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